Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Crazy Book Swap and the Book Ban, again.

imageWallace over at Unputadownables is hosting this cool book swap where we send one of our favourites to someone else and receive one in return. Now I can’t discuss what book I’ll be sending because it’s a secret (so shhh!) but it is just so hard to narrow a favourite book down to just one. I keep chopping and changing between what to send.

I don’t know what I’ll be receiving either – not even the genre which is quite exciting. I’m quite a reserved reader and prefer to stick to books and genres I think I’ll enjoy. It is a change once in a while to just hang it all and read a book even if it’s out of my comfort zone. I would like to be a more open reader.

(Sign ups unfortunately closed I’m a little late with announcing this!)


And in September I will once again be going on another ban. I know, you’re probably thinking you’ve heard about this before but this time I’m back on it and I’m going to get these books DOWN because I have a slight situation where I have run out of shelf room so I need to read and release books back into the wild so I can fit some of my more recent acquisitions in.

My rules are:


Don’t even bother offering to send me one, even if it is for free I do not have room. My doors are closed. The windows are barred. No books shall enter this building from henceforthwith! (I mean it!!!)

The ban is kindly being hosted by Bella from A Girl Reads a Book, who after much nudging (berating) from Carin decided she needed to do something about her 2800 odd TBR.

Carin has more or less volunteered become our Ban Officer. She’ll be beating us into shape, chasing after anyone who dares so much as look at a book with her whip. No books shall get past her powerful detectors and any criminal book activity will be squashed out! We’ll be up every morning and marched around the block in the opposite direction of all those bookshops and temptations.

Any discretions and Carin will have us strapped into a straight jacket and sent to the little padded room.

Who else will be joining me in Book Ban Boot Camp this September? Are you up for it, or maybe you’re too chicken?


*Carin is actually a very nice person and I am sure would not dream about chasing anyone around with a whip.


  1. LOL...You know...I went to my pretty little oval banner picture and I was like, "Fi loves me!" Then I actually read your dirty lies! *Wags her finger*

    I am kind of the book buying police aren't I? You guys just like to say you'll buy books so that my blood pressure will raise just a little each time. Fine with me! I may even go buy a huge foam finger to wag at you and Bella because you two test me so often! I even joined the ban with you guys even though my problem is CLEARLY not as bad as the two of you! LOL! I'm committed! I will keep you two committed if I have anything to say about it...*gives a stern look*

    Hehe...this month is going to be fun!

  2. Fiona, not sure about the whip. from the thrashing I got over my book abuse I assume she wouldn't be averse to using a whip either if need be.
    She is a dangerous woman to cross, :).

  3. Yes, that's why we tell her these things over the Internet where she can't get to us, haha!

    Fiona, I am doing the same thing... hemming and hawing over what book to send YOU, my dear. Hmmmmm......

  4. I'm sure Carin will be a MOST effective police.
    I'm already scared!

    I'll be in on this, Fiona. I'm TERRIFIED of failure, but I'm in anyways! So that doesn't count as being chicken, right? ^_^

  5. Dang Fi! You are having an effect on me! I added a book to my total after all. So now I have 211. It's for the giveaway though--i need to review the book and I wanted to support the author for providing a giveaway copy for the event. I thought that was super awesome. I have to help him put food on his table, right?!!

    Oh geez...now I'm sounding like you and Bella. LOL!

  6. Oh pish that doesn't count at all. It only counts if you walk into a bookshop and see this wonderful book that you didn't know you wanted to read until that moment, or that you've been wanting for a while but have been resisting.

    So that doesn't count!

  7. I should join you on the book ban. I have so many books to read



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