About the Blog

I am Fiona, the author of this blog. I'm a book-loving, bird-brained book-worm and I'd like to welcome you to my little blog.
The Book Coop is where I'll be reading, reviewing and rambling mainly about books and bookish things. All the books I review will be those that I have purchased myself, whether new or second hand or loaned from the library.

As for me, I live along the English south coast so please expect British spellings and slang to pop up here there and everywhere. If you do not understand a word what I'm saying then please visit Effingpot where you will find an explanation. 

I love nothing more then  sipping a mug of tea (that is fairly strong, quite a bit of milk and two sugars please) dunking a digestive biccie and being cooped up with a book.I read mostly anything from fantasy, historical, crime, young adult, classics, contemporary and literary. 

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and I appreciate all the comments and feedback I receive.

Thank you for dropping by. 


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