Friday, 21 January 2011

To change or not to change, that is the question…


Here is the thing.

I’ve been looking at Wordpress and I’m wondering, should I convert? I have imported this blog over there to see what it would look like and there is something cleaner and more grown up about it. Maybe I just need to spruce up my blogger design here… but the thing is I’m starting to like more what I see over there.

Is this a case of the grass being greener on the other side? If I do decide to jump ship, it’s no turning back. You can’t just go over there to test it out and hope people follow you. If I make the leap, that is it.

What do I not like about Blogger? Well nothing much – sometimes it irritates me when I want to edit the post from within the site (as I use an external programme called Windows Live Writer to write my blog posts) it buggers up my format. I notice on Wordpress that is not really the case. Some of my formatting in the crossover has become a little screwed but nothing a few tweaks can’t handl.e

I like the more subdued, mature interface rather then the big blue buttons of Blogger – I like the layout of the dashboard and the flexibility of the themes.

I like that when I go to the dashboard it gives me my recent comments and posts and information straight up without the fuss, bother or bubbles. Also, I’ve started to really admire the Wordpress blogs I read and prefer the layout and the feel. Sure there are going to be some things I won’t like possibly… but that goes with everything.

So, do you use Blogger or Wordpress or have you used one and converted to the other. Why? Is it worth the change. My heart I think is leaning towards changing, but this is literally something I thought about in a few seconds. No, that is a lie… it has been a dormant thought, a curiosity which I have now taken to the next step, but it feels sudden.

What do you guys think? Does it matter, should I just stick to what I’ve got? I’m not unhappy about it as such… but at the same time I’m beginning to question it. It is starting to feel too cute, too young and since Christmas I just want something a little different.


  1. I had a blog at Wordpress back in 07 and I left it to go over to Blogger because Blogger was more user friendly. Plus I had used up my storage space and they were going to charge me for more.
    It can be difficult to make a move and have your people follow you. I guess you just have to make a pro and con list! Good luck!

  2. I think your blog is lovely as it is! That said, I have used both Blogger and Wordpress, and I much prefer Wordpress. You could try a dry run with Wordpress, just open an account and play with it a little bit and see what you think. And then decide.

  3. Jenny, that's what I'm doing and I'm so undecided. I like both! I suppose... if it ain't broke don't fix it.

    I just don't know what I feel. The Wordpress one at the moment looks very plain, but maybe that's just how I'm feeling? Gah...

    Blogger IS more user friendly - maybe it's just the extra buttons on Wordpress I like? I do prefer the Dashboard and it feels/looks more ordered, but that isn't really a reason to move.

  4. Is following a Wordpress blog any easier/harder then with Blogger? I don't use Google Reader - I use feedreader - so is there a difference?



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