Saturday, 29 May 2010

Any Human Heart - William Boyd

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Genre: Historical
Published: 2004
Pages: 480

I wondered what book I should start this blog off on. I have just finished Where Angel's Fear to Tread by E. M. Forster which I shall review later but I would like to begin with one which I really loved and a bit about other things I love too - excellent TV Dramas (the more period the better) and my favourite actor.

Any Human Heart by William Boyd is a fictional memoir of Logan Gonzago Mountstuart who was born in 1906 and follows through until his death in 1991. That isn't a spoiler really, as it is written as if it is a real memoir you are expected to know that he has already died, as it says so right at the beginning.

You can read my Goodreads review here if you wish. Basically, five stars, loved it and if you like books set in the past, about human feeling and enjoy stories that will make you laugh as well as cry - you may want to try this one out.

It's a beautifully written, rather subtle book and I decided to read it because it is actually, at this very minute being turned into a TV drama for Channel 4 starring Matthew Macfadyen, Jim Broadbent Tom Hollander, Samuel West (all my favourite actors, you can follow Samuel West on twitter @exitthelemming)

You can also follow the production team @AnyHumanHeart

And as a fan of Tom Hollander (brilliant actor, played Lord Cutler Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean 2&3 in case you're wondering who he is) and member of the forums of Thomagination we decided a great way to prepare for this role would of course be to read the book. He is to play the part of the Duke of Windsor and I'm so looking forward to his performance.

If you're interested in Tom Hollander may I recommend to you the films of:

Bedrooms and Hallways which is a very camp film about a man named Leo who joins a men's group and then declares his attraction to one of the members.

Lawless Heart which is probably my favourite with Tom in it (he actually plays one of the leads) about a man who has recently lost his lover and is about the events that occur after the funeral.

and Gracie which is a TV bio-pic of Gracie Fields, the 1940's singer. 

Anyway, enough free plugging for now. The book I found a joy to read - as I explained in my review. I had heard of this author before and to tell the truth, I did not really have any high expectations - I read the book because of the upcoming TV drama but I ended up loving it and discovering a new author I know I'm going to return to some day soon. I just hope that the drama will live up to the book and that they stay true to the characters.

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