Saturday, 29 May 2010

Let me Introduce Myself...

I am Fiona.

I've been tempted away from my current book (Where Angels Fear to Tread) by Allison to create a book blog of my very own, something of which I've been thinking of doing for a very long time. Unfortunately due to chronic procrastination it has taken me until now to actually set one up. 
So you're thinking perhaps, if you don't know me: Who are you? Well I can't possibly sum myself up (shy, book reader, likes the look of her own typing) so I guess you'll have to come to your own assumptions as to who I am from what you read in the following blog posts.

You can probably already guess that this blog is going to be about books. I'm a reader, I love reading and my life revolves about what I am currently reading and what book I am going to read next. Everything else is null and void. I'm quite unable though to stick to one topic so if I go off on a non-book tangent then, well... don't be too surprised. 

What books do I read? Well good question - I read a range - from Young Adult books to classics, to historicals, crime, fantasy and other contemporary novels. I'll introduce you to my favourite books and authors another time perhaps otherwise this introductory post is going to go on forever.
I am found in various places on the internet. One such place is Goodreads where I list all the books I own, have read, want to read etc etc. The other place is twitter and you can follow me at @ratsinabag if you so wish. Unfortunately my twitter profile is secured due to the numerous amounts of porn stars wishing to follow me so please leave me a comment here if you wish to follow me so I know you have no illicit intentions.

Over on Goodreads I run a Young Adult group, one that is aimed at adults as well as young adults - Wild Things: YA Grown Up so I will probably be using this blog also as a way to talk about that. I happen to be moderator of another group over at GR too... but more about that later on.

So, that is me - very briefly, not much yet I know. I am rather new to this blogging business but I hope to get up to date soon. However right now, I am going to finish off the twenty pages I have left of Where Angel's Fear to Tread (by E. M. Forster) before I go any further!


  1. Muhahahaha...didn't take long to pull you to the dark side. Less than 24 hours after I did myself :P

    I really do like your header :)

  2. no worries, I like this one too!

  3. I'll probably change it around about ten times before the end of the day. Oh look at the time it has taken me 2 hours to read half a page. It's an ok book too just isn't pulling me.

  4. +JMJ+

    It's nice to meet you, Fiona! =) I found you through Jen G's "Character Connection" meme. Good luck with the new blog!

  5. I signed up straight away for your blog and then somehow it got lost in my reader. But I found you!!

    I love this intro. If I wasn't your friend already I'd want to be.
    Excellent start.



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