Saturday, 31 July 2010

48 Hour Read-a-Thon

The 48-Hour Read-a-Thon is hosted by Wallace over at  Unputdownables. image 

So I’m a bit late starting this I know but I thought I’d join in since I had been thinking about it (then forgot about it) and then saw the twitter chatter on #bookblogchat and well, I was planning on reading all weekend anyway! I already feel like I have been on a massive read-a-thon already what with Harry Potter, so why stop now?

Technically it started yesterday so so I think I can count The Housekeeper and The Professor as part of this read-a-thon! And so today I intend to read Trespass by Rose Tremain and then after that… hmm decisions decisions. I guess it depends if I can finish this book by today, maybe tomorrow. I am not the fastest reader on this planet however! And if I don’t make myself some breakfast very soon I’m not going to be fit for reading anything.



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  1. Loved The Housekeeper and the Professor, but Trespass sounds good as well...LOL

  2. I love Tremain's writing, not so sure about the story yet but I'm sure it'll be good. Kinda dreamy and whimsy. I think it'd sound good read aloud.

  3. Good luck! I didn't know you were joining! Awesome! I'll check your blog and Twitter to keep up with your progress. :P

  4. Thanks Carin - I'd thought about it before for a little bit because it'd be nice to read one more before the month is out. But I'm a slow reader... or to rephrase that I'm the kind of reader who has to get up, walk around, fidget, make several cups of tea... distracted by twitter...

  5. Yes! Any books you read on Friday totally count. Glad you found us and are joining in. :)



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