Thursday, 8 July 2010

That Old TBR


Well, as you know I do go on about my TBR pile. I have however updated my page bar and if you go here you will see a big list of books. Those are all the books I own to read – apart from the ones I have hiding under my bed that keep turning up in the strangest of places.

Anyway – it seems that I’m not the only one banning myself from books. It seems to be some sort of a contagious disease amongst bloggers because over at 25 Hour Books, Tara is hosting the Book Ban. Well, I’ve already been on one for the past 5 weeks so I’m an old hand at this not-buying-books thing. If you haven’t read my previous post on this subject then you can do so here. I also talked about some of the oldest books in my TBR here.

image   So I’m going to be officially joining Book Buyer’s Anonymous (click the picture) to help me through June because I’m sure I’ll be needing it to survive another month.

I must now confess to you – I am actually receiving a book soon. Liz over at  Consumed by Books offered me a book she thought I’d be interested in and the book ban went out of my head and I said yes. Well, it’s a free book kinda, so it doesn’t really count… So now that THAT is out of the way let us move on.

My issue is space and money – I could do with the extra pennies and I have no more space. I don’t really want my books living in boxes if I can help it.

Anyway so please look through my TBR up there and let me know if there’s anything spectacular on there that you think I ought to know about. If you think you’ve got too many books join the ban and good luck!


  1. Oh you have some great books on your list. I will definitely have to come back and peruse the list once I get mine under control. Somehow I think the list might not be a good thing for bookaholics to look at--it makes me want to buy! Good luck on your ban and getting that list down. Let's work on it together! :)

  2. I am taking part in this too! :) Goodluck!

    And the plot thickens...

  3. Wow what a list!! Worst of all I found some interesting ones to add to my own TBR. YIKES!

    For a start you really need a classic-athon:
    Get stuck in to those Austens!
    Wuthering Heights - you have to
    Villette - I think this is Charlotte's best
    The Woman in White - fun Victorian gothic a great change from Dickens
    Tess of the D'urbervilles - the easiest Hardy in my opinion
    Rebecca - a more modern classic you must read
    Our Mutual Friend - I thought you'd read this?
    Sorry to add to your list but as Fielding's Shamela is a parody of Richardson's Pamela I think you need to read that first.

    The Great Gatsby & Brideshead Revisited
    Stories from 1920-30s stories of rich people having parties, getting drunk and feeling miserable. I just love these!

    The Owl Service - I loved this as a child - so magical!
    The Chocolate War was one of those books that changed my life. Tough but excellent.
    Beyond the Chocolate War is not as good but still excellent.

    The Shadow of the Wind - one of my all-time favourites.
    The Kite Runner - I'm not sure whether all the hype may have spoiled it but I really enjoyed it.
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - a fun, easy read.
    I disliked Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible. The Bean Trees is much better written, more from the heart.
    Out total Japanese culture shock, weird, violent, scary but very enjoyable.

    That should keep you occupied for a while :0)

  4. Book buyers anonymous, eh? Well, how can I not click?

    I see a lot of Atwood on your tbr - she's a huge favourite of mine, especially Alias Grace, so I'm going to recommend that. Also, Wilkie Collins is brilliant, so make sure you read The Woman in White! And Middlesex just happens to be my favourite novel of all-time :P

  5. Wow, thanks Esther. Funnily many of those you have listed are actually quite close in my mind's eye for future reads.

    Out, I've been thinking of as I enjoyed Grotesque by the same author. And I definitely want to go on a classics drive. I collect them up and then... boom. I really want to read some books written in the 20's and 30's because I haven't covered that area yet.

    Nymeth: I haven't even read any Margaret Atwood so I hope I really like her. I just went through a phase of collecting up her books. I definitely want to read one of hers - I will probably start with The Blind Assassin as that was the first one I got and bought new, unlike all the others.

    I've had loads of recommendations for Women in White so I guess I better read that!

    Anyway - I hope to read more classics for the rest of this year so hopefully, fingers crossed!

  6. Good gosh, that's quite a list of books! And so many classics! I'm doing a massive slim-down of my book collection at the moment. I had far, far too many, and did have them in boxes, and in storage, where unfortunately, a great deal of them were damaged. I'm trying to get everything to fit on one (largish) bookshelf. I bring in an armful or so at a time to donate to my local libraries... so far they've been very grateful.

    No more new books for me (okay, except for all the ARCs I picked up at ALA) -- I'm sticking with library books and e-books until I can get my current book collection under control.

  7. May I recommend Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? It's long but it's charming, and it has a bunch of fun footnotes. Good luck on your book-buying ban!!

  8. I tried reading that ages ago Jenny... I just couldn't get into it, though it might have been the wrong time for me. I've only kept it on my TBR because it's been recommended by so many others.

    I'm sorry about your book collection Madigan - that's kinda why I must stop. I don't wanna go down the box-route! Which is likely if I get any more. I have space for less then ten more books I reckon.

  9. You've got such a great compilation, so inspiring I feel like picking up many of them again, and who has time for that? I loved Daughter of Fortune, I loved The Robber Bride. It doesn't seem you'll do wrong with near anything you pick up from this list. It was great to see so many classics, too. ;)

  10. Unfortunately, having so many classics on the TBR means I haven't read that many! Though I do intend to. I'm feeling very Dosytoyevskyish and Dickensiesh at the moment. Probably go with Dostoyevsky as I haven't read him for a couple of years, since Crime and Punishment. Might go with Demons...



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