Thursday, 10 June 2010



It’s Bloggiesta and it is starting tomorrow! Hosted by Maw Books Blog it’s a blogging marathon where I’m going to really look at my blog and work out what to do.

Well, as I’m quite new there isn’t much to clean up but I want to sort out what I want to do and create my big master plan to take over the world and find out exactly: What kind of book blog am I? Where is my voice, do I even have one? What’s my image?

I’m going to come up with some interesting post ideas, write them down, write them out! I’m going to discover new blogs and socialise, get to know what this blogging stuff’s really about.

Try to figure out how to use that programme and improve my graphic skills. I’ve already been experimenting with my owls.

Finish Uncle Tom’s Cabin and start a new book.

Write reviews. Plan for the future. Stuff.

I’m gonna be all cooped up with my book and my blog and woe betide anyone, or anything that gets in my way!

darker blue chop

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  1. I love your owls! It's nice to 'meet' you via your comment earlier and I'm glad to discover another book blog that looks like it will be wonderful. Happy reading!



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