Sunday, 20 June 2010

Musical Meanderings

At the moment I am reading Journeys to the Heartland by William Horwood which set from the point of view of wolves. I have dug out an album called Legend of the Wolf I bought probably as long ago as I got the book (nigh on ten years I would imagine, I mentioned it in Dust Mites). It’s from the Solitudes collection of music – I often used to see them in gardening centres where you pressed a button on this machine to listen to a brief extract.

Moving the Pack – Dan Gibson

I love the sounds of nature – running water and the beautiful sounds of wolves howling too – it’s kind of fitting for the book I am reading, although not quite as grizzly. Once scene described a poisoning where the alpha male vomited so much he threw up his own stomach. Things like that, especially with animals really chills my bones.

I feel I have been listening to a lot of calming, relaxing music  lately so I’m hoping my next book will inspire me to listen to something a bit more upbeat. Whilst not reading I have been listening to more Rachid Taha – an Algerian-French artist whom I really like. I enjoy music sung in a different language to my own, even though I don’t understand it, so this will be a little different to the above. He sings in a mix of arabic and French:

Barra Barra – Rachid Taha

Barra Barra  means outside you can find the translation of the lyrics here if you’re interested. I love the mix of eastern and western rock and I have all of his albums.

I’m also slightly obsessed with Eurovision Song Contest music. Terrible as most of it is (UK lately being the worst of the lot), they have some truly catchy tunes. Unfortunately less and less of the acts sing in their own language which is what I always enjoyed the most about each act. It isn’t about being able to understand the lyrics it is about the sound. Anyway, Serbia was one of the few that did sing in their own language… the singer is slightly peculiar and the song itself is classic cheese but it makes me laugh.

I can’t read (or blog) very easily to that music, it makes me want to dance like a crazy woman reducing productivity in anything I am doing.

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