Sunday, 6 June 2010

Music & Reading

As I said in an earlier blog post, I love listening to music as I read, so I thought I’d share a bit of the music I have been listening to whilst reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin seeing as it is a Sunday.

Messiah by Handel which I suppose is fitting due to the religious aspect of the book. Harriet Beecher Stowe is very vocal about her beliefs as a Christian.

And I recently bought Julien Jacob’s album Cotonou so I have been listening to him quite a bit too. This following track is my favourite on the CD, it feels very sensual and beautiful. On the album cover it says “Julien Jacob writes about inner and outer peace and his lyrics can be interpreted as you wish as they are a creation of his own imagination.”  I love this kind of music and I really must get some more of his music. The only trouble is that it makes me want to move which makes reading hard if you’re chair-bopping.

And I thought I’d share some music I mentioned last time here because they are singing within a bookshop and how much more appropriate can you get then that?

Mumford and Sons

Quite a few of their songs from there debut album Sigh No More have actually been inspired by Steinbeck – books and music in its truest form! In fact one member of the band hosts a kind of book discussion section on the website.

I love this band I also love discovering new music so every Sunday I think I will blog about the music I’ve been listening to over my reading week.


  1. I'm always excited when someone shares music I don't know!

    I'm jealous that you are able to listen to music while reading! Handel is wonderful, I'm sure it's a perfect fit with your book.

    I get way too distracted by the music - classical music in particular! I do listen to music as I blog though... but not classical, I find it hard to put into the background of my mind.

    Thanks for sharing - I love new music to check out!

  2. What kind of music do you listen to whilst you blog? At the time of writing this I was of course listening to those 3 -

    Funnily I find it easier to write/read to classics sometimes not always. Messiah's actually not the easiest... but I've been in such a Handel mood lately I find it hard to read not listening to him.

    I can't read to rock and pop usually - though depends on the book.

  3. Alita.Reads has a meme called Saturday Soundtrack that you might like to check out for new music.

    I can't listen to music at all while I'm reading. I definitely can't do any music with words, but I honestly tend to get distracted even by instrumental music. I wish I could.

  4. Oh I LOVE Mumford and Sons! I look forward to reading more musics posts from you :) I quite enjoy Alita's and often considered writing some myself. Music means as much to me as books, really, so it'd only make sense.



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