Sunday, 13 June 2010

Musical Musings

This week has been a little slow for me, been reading the same old book for over a week and trying to get over my book block. So I have been listening to a lot of classical or simply instrumental music for a long time.

This is from the Howl’s Moving Castle anime movie that is based on the book by the wonderful Diana Wynne Jones. I love soundtracks and Joe Hisaishi is becoming a favourite of mine.

I am not a big fan of Japanese anime as a rule, but love anything that is from the Studio Ghibli collection. My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourites, including of course the soundtrack.

I have recently downloaded a new album by Patrick Hawes, Night Pictures. He is a ‘neo classical’ composer and I find his music beautifully relaxing and thoughtful. I discovered him over a year ago but it’s only really recently that I’ve been listening to more of him.

This is from his Blue in Blue album, the first thing I ever heard of his:

I can’t find anything from Night Pictures on YouTube but here is one from Towards the Light.


  1. The Totoro song keeps getting stuck in my head. Such a wonderful film too :)

  2. I think Totoro is even better then Spirited Away. There's such a beautiful simplicity about it...



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