Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Design


I feel like this owl at the moment. It is 2am and my eyes are just about to cave in on themselves.

You know in my Bloggiesta wrap up post I said that I was happy with my design etc..

Well as you can see I changed it. Only I’m not sure if I like it… or loathe it! I wish you could choose your own background rather then one they make for you. Big improvements on what Blogger was before in terms of self-customisation but it’d be nice if we could upload our own backgrounds as well… in an easy to-do fashion that is. Unless of course I’m missing something big. (Possibly…)

Anyway, 2am I’m knackered and grouchy. Really, I just wanted to get a snazzy page bar that changed when you put your mouse over it.

Not sure if I like my banner. During Bloggiesta I discovered that my talents in Paint.net or any photoshoppy programme are absolutely delusional. I still like my owls and really should try to keep to a bird theme, but… gah!

Anyway, so love it, hate it? Don’t give a…?


  1. Fiona, I liked it before, honestly. I'm not feeling the background now. =\

    But anyway, I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award! Click Here! Toodles!

  2. Thanks Becky!

    Yeah I kinda don't like the background either but nothing else went. Grr. (Yes I realise I am still here!)

    And I don't like how the text is stuck up against my pictures. Guess it's the width adjustments.

    *smacks head repeatedly*

  3. I love it. Will this award make you feel better:

  4. It takes time Fiona! You will know what you like best when you see it. :D Good luck! Hehe..

  5. Hi again! I have an award for you on my blog.

  6. I like it :) Especially the pages.

  7. The owls are very fun and colorful! I was fiddling around with my header this weekend too... amazing how fast time flies when Photoshop is open. I wish I knew how to do the page tabs at the top... always something to aspire to.

  8. Hello, so glad you came by to visit Impressions In Ink. I am crazy about owls; love, love, love them.

  9. I like the owls a lot-when ever I see an owl I am reminded that "The Owls of Minerva Fly Only at Dusk"

  10. I'm terribly, terribly fond of owls. I love the design, it's very cute.

  11. I read through an RSS feed so I didn't see the previous design but I like this one, it is light and airy. And I love the owls.



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